We keep a running post of at least the last four sermons. Older sermons are archived, so if you would like access to any particular sermon, contact Taylor Jackson – see “How to reach us.”

  1. The Holy Spirit 3/26/2017 Taylor Jackson 27:52
  2. One Holy Church 4/2/2017 Taylor Jackson 21:58
  3. God's Purpose in Trials 4/30/2017 Taylor Jackson 22:43
  4. What we need and how we get it Taylor Jackson 21:12
  5. 05-14-17 Our reason for boasting Taylor Jackson 23:32
  6. 05-21-17 Sin, Grace, and God Taylor Jackson 24:19
  7. Genuine Religion Taylor Jackson 24:00
  8. Genuine Religion Taylor Jackson 20:17

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