HBF Newsletter May 2017

“But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.” James 1:22

Christianity is not simply a belief system.  In fact, I would argue that no belief system is SIMPLY a belief system.  Sometimes we hear that religious beliefs are to be private and should not influence whatever public action or activity we are involved in.  Is that even possible?  Can beliefs, if they are genuine, be confined to the realm of our private thoughts and desires?  Can we separate our actions (what we do outwardly) from our beliefs (what we think to be true about our existence)?  Of course not.  All people act on what they believe is true about their world.  Which is why what we believe matters a great deal.

We have recently begun a study in the book of James.  Of all the New Testament books James is considered the most practical.  His focus is on how the follower of Jesus should live.  His intention is to help his readers (the fledgling church) consider what a life, centered on the person and work of Jesus Christ, will look like.  If you are looking for a treatment of abstract theology James is NOT the book for you.  This is not to say that deep, abstract theological ideas are not behind James’ frequent calls to action.  They are just not treated that way in this book.

In our world we are limited by our 5 senses.  We cannot know the inner workings of another person’s mind or heart…only God can know that.  So, as much as our beliefs matter as the foundation for our actions, our actions matter for demonstrating what we believe.  As Christians, how we live is an important part of pointing our world to Jesus Christ.  Our values, desires, and pursuits will be revealed by our actions.

As we go through James we should be looking at our own lives.  We should be asking ourselves if we are consistently reflecting the truths we claim to hold about God and this world.  We should be considering whether or not our actions are pointing others to Jesus Christ?  James helps us to think of our lives as the natural byproduct of our belief in Jesus Christ.  Let us make sure that we are as committed to right action as we are to right belief.



  • Our new website is up and running thanks to Brenda! Take a moment to check it out, the web address has not changed.  Everything that was on our old site is still there but this format is more accessible and up to date.
  • CareNet has two upcoming fundraisers. Information for both the golf fundraiser and walk-a-thon are on the table by the front door of the church.
  • This coming Sunday is Mother’s Day. There will be no Foundations of Biblical Faith that evening.
  • Keep praying for HBF!
    • Pray for the elders as we seek the Lord’s leading for our church
    • Pray that the message and lives of our people would be a conduit for the gospel and that others would come to know Jesus and become a part of our fellowship
    • Pray for those who volunteer to work with our kids (Sunday School teachers and nursery workers)
    • Pray for the different boards and their ministries within our fellowship
    • Pray for each other! And share praise with each other when those prayers are answered (like Mary’s brother-in-law getting a better job than the one he had before!)
    • And pray that our time in James would produce what God wants to see in our lives