HBF Newsletter July 2017

“Open my eyes that I may behold wondrous things out of your law.” Psalm 119:18

This next Sunday will mark the last Sunday of our first year here in Hamilton.  When we first moved in we were amazed at the amount of wild life we were seeing throughout the area.  Almost every day we saw or heard (Coyotes!) animals in and around our house.  I can remember the thrill the kids experienced that first morning we looked out the window and saw deer eating in the back yard.  For a few weeks every time someone saw an animal in the yard they would let everyone else know and we would all head for the back windows to gaze at them.

Just a few weeks ago I was in the back room and looked out the window and saw deer.  Out of habit I called to the kids to let them know about the latest visitor and the response was wholly unenthusiastic.  No one ran to the windows.  No one remarked how cool it was to see animals so close.  Within 11 months what was truly fantastic to us had become ordinary.  Did the deer stop being creatures that were marvelously made by God?  Did the yard somehow become less glorious as a setting for the playing-out of the life cycles of these animals?  What changed?

It hit me how quickly (in the span of just a few months) I had lost the eyes to see the marvel just outside my window.  How is it that these wondrous works of God can become so common to us?  I had become calloused to what was truly great and beautiful.

This happens to us with spiritual things as well.  Those of us who have spent a long time in the church exposed to the Word of God and to the things that it reveals to us about Him, His plan, and His salvation are daily in danger of glossing over the marvel of it all.  They become common, routine, and familiar.  We become comfortable and even bored with it all.  “Oh yeah, God is gracious and merciful…tell me something I don’t know.”

We were made to worship what is good and great because we were made to worship a good and great God.  Part of our struggle in this life is not just against the overt sins that hurt other people and do damage to our own lives, but also against the tendency of our souls to become callous and comfortable with that which is truly marvelous.  We are constantly exposed to that which should inspire awe; from the incredible beauty we see around us each day to the insurmountably greater glory of Jesus Christ.  But we are dull of mind and hard of heart.  That which elicits audible praise one day seems so ho-hum the next.  We really have a problem.

Throughout scripture its authors call on God to help them have the eyes to see what they know they need to see.  Make your prayer this week that God would help you to truly appreciate that which is glorious…even if it is something you have pondered before.  He will help us to know afresh the greatness and splendor of His holiness and glory.  He will soften our hearts to the wonder of His grace.  He will help us to taste how good He is, if we allow Him.  If we set aside those things that dull our senses to what is truly great.  If humble ourselves and seek to know Him more completely.  His works are on full display outside every window.  His glory is on full display on every page of His Word.  All we have to do is open our eyes.


Announcements and updates:

  • We may be making some changes to some of our ministries this fall. Updates pertaining to these will follow as we begin to solidify our plans.
  • Our quarterly financial report will be going out soon. Please take a moment to review it and to consider what God would have you do to meet the financial needs of our ministry.
  • We will need someone to serve in the nursery this week. If you can please let me know.
  • Congratulations to Sara Law (and grandparents John and Marsha Reed) on the birth of Jaxon!